Connect, Convince & Convert!

The Total Suite of Services to Give Your Business a Total Solution

Dalmata Marketing is a full service Marketing Automation Agency. Our Research & Strategy feeds into Creative Design to ensure the Programs developed cut through with the right content and offers to drive results.

Our services cover every aspect of the design process as well as production and publication management.

Full Marketing Automation is the Driver!

The development of a strong Marketing Automation system starts with a full review of the internal processes of customer management and lead harvesting. Each segment of your customer's relationship with your company must be fully understood and documented - and then analysed for the opportunties to strengthen process and systems.

We can provide services to design, construct and execute a detailed Marketing Automation solution for your business that incorporates all of the benefits mentioned above. Or we can Project Manage a system you have already committed to.

And dont miss the opportunity to realise the full potential of a system you may already have in place that's being under utilised.

Social Marketing - Content and Publication

Social Marketing has the apetite of  a Zombie in the Walking's voracious and simply never ending and it just keeps coming back at you for more!

Your Social Marketing actvities must be fed with a constant high quality diet of content that is interesting, relevant and timlely for your current and potential customer base.

We research your company and industry trends and discussions through a range of social media tools as well as speaking directly to both internal and external stakeholders (in consultation with your team). By working with Dalamata Marketing we can produce the data and information that can be converted into amazing relevant content for your Social Marketing activities.

We can also manage the publication of your company's social posts for you - freeing your people to focus on business today.

Websites, SEO, Mobile Apps and More...

Dalmata Marketing has partnered with a range of selected developers to give you the best results in these ares.

So whether its a full Website project, e-Commerce initiative, a new Mobile App  or simply a landng page for your latest promotion we can design and develop your solution.

For more information on our services & programs, simply contact Zoran Mustac on MOB 0401 340 153 to discuss your needs.