Incentives, Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Tailored Programs for Your Business & Industry

Dalmata Marketing can develop unique sales incentive, reward & loyalty programs that drive your sales as well as customer focus on your company.

Customer Rewards Programs

Reward Programs can be an incredibly powerful tool to drive extra sales over a defined period for your business. If the programs are conducted regularly they can also anchor customers to your business with the extra incentives that these programs can offer.

These programs can be highly tailored specifically for your business and specific customers with specific products you want to promote.

These programs can also be used to strengthen your relationships with key Supply Partners by offering a wider range of products and offering the program to your entire customer base.

Dalmata Marketing can review the opportunities for your business and design and construct the program ideally suited to your business objectives.

Customer Loyalty Programs

These programs celebrate and recognise the value of long term profitable customers. An additional benefit of these programs is they add an extra barrier to customers being poached by competitors through the use of short term offers.

Loyalty programs need to be carefully researched, developed and crafted to appeal specifically to these set of customers. Dalmata Marketing can use its experience to help your team identify the type of programme required - such as exclusive events, valuable information sharing or market insights sharing or simply celebrating long term relationships formally - and then develop the program and execute whilst you keep the day to day business on track

Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs offer another set of unique benefits for your business. These programs can target customer behaviour or be used to drive performance of your teams.

Incentive Programs for your customers can target brand switching, consolidation of customer business towards your business (instead of spreading it across other suppliers) or driving towards specific sales targets. Travel incentive programs are particularly attractive to customers and Dalmata Marketing can develop and execute travel programs with destinations in Australia or anywhere around the World.

Employee Engagement

Your company's team can be rewarded, recognised or incentivised with a range of programs. Dalmata Marketing can offer many programs that can suit any requirement you have or let us make some suggestions to you.

Sales incentive programs can drive sales performance across your entire business with multi level rewards for both individuals and teams. Your high performance sales professionals can be targeted with unique and highly anticipated rewards covering travel or prizes.

Supplier Partnership Programs

Rewards Programs and Incentive Programs can be specifically designed to also strengthen your Supply Partner relationships.

If your business has multiple high value Suppliers, Dalmata Marketing can develop and execute Supplier Funded programs that deliver fantastic results to your Suppliers as well as excellent sales results for your business.

We offer fantastic Sales Incentive & Reward programs which are incredibly flexible and can be tailor made for your company, customers and industry. Our key objective is to ensure your business receives far more marketing value in the long term by working with us.

For more information on our programs. simply contact Zoran Mustac on MOB 0401 340 153 to discuss your specific needs.