Customer Rewards Blast

Differentiate Your Business With a Hyper Focused Rewards Programme

Change the sales dynamic with your customers by introducing a Rewards Program which is customised to your Customers & Supply Partners. Also - by launching a hyper focused program with your key products (and Preferred Suppliers) you can set your business apart from all other players in your market which will strengthen your business relationships further with both your Customers and Suppliers.

No Limits - Just A Focus on Driving Your Business With Your Customers

Dalmata Marketing can build your customised Rewards Program end to end.

Starting with Strategy to ensure that the program is focused on your business objectives, business strengths & capabilities. The mix of products and rewards is driven by the specific strategy hence ensuring your business has a unique local area marketing tool.

All program marketing materials (printed and digital) highlight your brand and strength in your market place - and will cover reward catalogues, sales promotion materials, PR activities, Social marketing and events. All operational requirements for the program will be tailored to your business systems as well.

Customer Rewards - Your Team Are The Heroes

When the program ends Dalmata Marketing will organise the claiming process as well as rewards distribution. This leaves your team to work with customers in focusing on the rewards they want and celebrating their success when the rewards are delivered.

So let's start today; call Zoran Mustac on 0401 340 153  to discuss this opportunity.