Consulting - Driving Your Marketing Automation Journey

Clear Planning and Execution Driving Your ROI

Marketing Automation (which improves engagement & increases marketing operations efficiency to drive revenue growth faster) is rapidly becoming a “must have” facility for leading marketing teams in all companies. We can assist clients who are: considering Marketing Automation (MA); implementing MA; optimising their existing MA or pushing the boundaries with MA!

Dalmata Marketing offers a range of Consulting services to assist your company in its planning, execution and optimization of your Marketing Automation investment.

Our processes for each stage of your businesses journey through Marketing Automation as follows:

Considering Marketing Automation: Mapping Customer Journeys and Documenting Business Processes

Marketing Automation will transform the way your business operates. A key first step will be to map customer journeys through your company. We’ll look at each major “moment of truth” as well as the touch points through your various departments. Customer journey mapping will also need customer clear customer profiles for the various segments of your customer base (current and targeted).

We’ll then identify all of your current business processes and policies as pertaining to your customers.

This will be the building block for your review of Marketing Automation platforms and the value this solution will bring to your business.

Implementing Marketing Automation: Marketing and Sales Alignment

A huge benefit of Marketing Automation is the alignment of Sales and Marketing within your business.

The essentials steps to take to ensure this alignment has commenced from the very early stages of implementing marketing automation in your business includes the following essential steps.

The basic definitions of the nuts and bolts processes need to be defined. What is a contact? A qualified lead? Opportunity? Together with this we need to document the entire sales process. We will also map out new processes post your implementation to ensure all the definitions and policies in place are regularly reviewed.

We’ll then help your team to design your initial  Marketing Automation programs that will deliver the full benefits of nurturing leads, qualifying prospects, generating “sales accepted” leads and ensuring their conversion to sales generating customers.

Optimise Marketing Automation: An Objective Review

Is your business generating the optimal benefits of your Marketing Automation platform?

We bring a straight forward process to this challenge:

  • Analysis: Your Company, the Market and the Competitors
  • Absorb: Objectively review this information & with your input consider the stated company objectives
  • Review: Your current marketing automation programs and campaigns to validate the return to your business and stated company objects
  • Design: With your team we will rework certain elements of your existing programs and/or design new programs and processes to ensure we are driving towards your objects and delivering the full benefits of Marketing Automation programs which will deliver the full benefits of nurturing leads, qualifying prospects, generating “sales accepted” leads and ensuring their conversion to sales generating customers.
  • Execution and Reporting:  We’ll set in place systems to monitor programs, review results, continually refine programs and brief stakeholders.

Flexible Solutions For Your Needs

Our fantastic Consulting Services solutions are incredibly flexible and can be specifically tailored to your needs. Our key objective is to ensure your business receives far more marketing value in the long term by working with us.

Simply contact Zoran Mustac on MOB 0401 340 153 to discuss your specific needs.