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Crystal clear strategy is the starting point. "Out of the box" thinking then leads to innovations.

Equally important is an abundance of order, process and collaborative work.

Marketing Automation Delivers Stunning Results

Marketing Automation (which improves engagement & increases marketing operations efficiency to drive sales growth faster) is rapidly becoming a “must have” facility for all companies!

Dalmata Marketing has partnered with proven industry leaders in SaaS Marketing Automation solutions which deliver stunning results to Clients.

We develop Marketing Automation programs for your business through detailed Research, comprehensive Strategy, stunning Creative & seamless Execution that deliver the full benefits of nurturing prospects through to sales-generating customers.


Rewards & Loyalty

Our Managing Director's experience includes launching some of Australia's earliest reward & affinity programs into retail banking and stretches to recent multi-million dollar programs in the food industry. This experience gained over decades is available to our clients.

Tailored Programs

We can drive the effectiveness of Marketing Automation programs further by developing unique sales incentive & reward programs that drive deeper engagement with your prospects and customers.


Zoran Mustac

Managing Director

Zoran Mustac, Dalmata Marketing Managing Director

Zoran's experience includes leadership roles in two of Australia's leading Foodservice Buying and Marketing Groups as well as a range of Executive roles in ASX 100 companies, multinational firms and private companies. His experience also includes start-ups in IT Services and other service industries.

His industry experience includes Financial Services, Food, IT Services, Kitchen Equipment (Foodservice & Retail), Tabletop (Glassware, Cutlery, China), Franchising, Building Products, Construction, Homewares & Giftwares as well as Group Buying & Marketing Services and Aggregator Services.

Zoran's extensive knowledge of sales & marketing operations combined with deep experience in strategy & execution means he can help a wide range of companies in their journey through Marketing Automation.

Zoran can ensure that your business "connects the dots" between sales, marketing, process and procedure to achieve strong focused alignment and reap the full benefits of Marketing Automation in the nurturing and qualifying of prospects, generating “sales accepted” leads and ensuring their conversion to sales generating customers.

Key Driver Programs

Stand-Alone Key Marketing Programs + Marketing Automation = Superior Results

Key programs combining sales and marketing standalone programs with Marketing Automation to produce fantastic results for your business!

Focused Sales Drivers

This package of marketing programs will kick start and reinvigorate your company's sales activities. Easy to implement, focused on sales and runs in 3 month blocks. A Program Report debriefs and reviews results with recommendations on future program enhancements. 

The Marketing Machine

This package of marketing & sales programs and consulting services will increase your overall marketing activity to a level which is classed as "constantly on". The positive business impact is immediate & the benefits are ongoing.


Customer Rewards Blast

Introduce Rewards programs to your Customers & Supply Partners with a highly customised Rewards Program that runs over 6 months. Dalmata Marketing will use the results to optimise future Rewards Programs to drive your business long term.